reader microchip

- The Mini Reader is small and easy to carry. In spite of its very small size the reading range is equal or even greater than other bigger models and more expensive.
- This Product is mainly used for animal tag ID microhip It can read the pet chip, electronic ear tag, electronic foot ring which based on ISO 11784 / 85 protocol animals tags especially the FDX-B.
- The operation is simple, can be directly charged by the USB port.
- LCD screen display, clear and easy to read.
- Support ISO11784/11785 FDX-B standard.
1.Product code: L-Link RT10
2.Frequency: 134.2KHz
3.Supported chips: FDX-B(ISO11784/85)
4.Battery: Li-ion, 3.7VDC 170mAH
5.Charging current: 5VDC on USB connector
6.Working current: <60mA
7.Charging indication: Red LED in charging; Green LED when complete
8.Reading distance: ≥70mm
9.Reading indication: Beep, Blue LED, LCD indication
10.Dimension: 109x34x14mm


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